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6 Breville Barista Touch Problems [& Solutions]

For many of us, making coffee is the first objective every morning. We need the rush of caffeine to feel awake before work, finally!

The Breville Barista Touch is an excellent way to have a delicious cup of coffee ready for you in seconds. This Espresso Machine makes brewing coffee an authentic experience!

As great as the Breville Barista Touch is, all appliances may have their shortcomings occasionally. It doesn’t always mean they need professionals tending to it; many of these problems are easily fixable by you! 

There could be many reasons your Breville Barista Touch isn’t functioning as it usually does.

For this reason, we’ve put together this post to get your Breville Barista machine up and running again!

Continue reading to find out all the potential Barista Touch problems and the solutions for each.


6 Breville Barista Touch Problems

The most common Breville Barista Touch problems are the following:

  1. Breville Barista Touch frother not working
  2. Breville Barista Touch not dispensing water
  3. Breville Barista Touch making a loud noise
  4. Breville Barista Touch leaking
  5. Coffee from Breville Barista Touch not hot enough
  6. Coffee from Breville Barista Touch tastes burnt

Like most appliances, the Breville Barista Touch is not always in its best condition. There could be various factors contributing to its dysfunction.

Please don’t be alarmed if your Breville Barista starts acting out. Most of the time, it involves easy repairs that you can do!

To assist you in these situations, we’ve listed all the potential problems associated with the Breville Barista Touch and how to solve them.

Problem #1: Is your Breville Barista Touch not dispensing water?

You cannot make coffee without water! It can be frustrating when you wake up and find your espresso machine not dispensing water. Don’t worry; this is a common problem many people have experienced. 

There is more than one reason your machine isn’t dispensing water. Here are some of them:

  • Empty tank
  • Incorrect insertion of the water tank
  • Accumulation of hard water
  • Clogged filter 
  • An excessive amount of coffee in the basket

How to fix it?

If your machine isn’t dispensing water, there are ways you can fix it on your own. We’ve given put together a brief stepwise guide for you to follow for an easy repair! 

Step 1: Filling the water tank

Your first instinct should be to fill up the water tank. If it were low on water, you’d be able to brew coffee again once you’ve refilled it. 

Step 2: Correctly fixing the water tank

If refilling the tank doesn’t help, you can pay attention to how your water tank is fixed. If the water tank is incorrectly locked, you won’t be able to make coffee. So, push the tank down to fix it in the appropriate position.

Step 3: Descaling

Finally, if Steps 1 & 2 aren’t fruitful, you can try descaling. To descale the water tank, you must purchase a particular solution.

Once you’ve got the solution, empty your water tank and add fresh water. You can then add the descaling solution as per the instruction.

Next, select the descaling option in the settings, and you’re good to go! 

Problem #2: Is your Breville Barista Touch making loud sounds?

Another issue you could face with the Breville Barista coffee maker is loud sounds.

Often, Breville Barista produces these sounds when the tank doesn’t contain enough water.

An incorrect purging setting can also make your coffee machine make loud sounds.

How to fix it?

Let’s stop those loud, annoying noises from your coffee machine. Read further to see how you can fix it!

Step 1: Fill the water tank

As we mentioned earlier, a tank with no water or low levels of water is prone to creating loud sounds as there isn’t enough water to flow through.

So, simply refill the water tank and test it to see if the noises have vanished.

Step 2: Reset the coffee maker

Your Breville should most likely stop producing loud sounds once there is a sufficient water level in the tank.

However, if the machine continues to make sounds after you’ve refilled the tank, it’s time for a reset.

To do this, go to the coffee machine’s settings and hit the factory reset button. You can then restart the coffee maker and see if the sounds persist.

Problem #3: Is your Breville Barista Touch leaking?

Next, let’s talk about leaking coffee makers. It is not very pleasing to wake up in the morning for a cup of coffee which ends in cleaning the water from a leak! 

You probably notice your coffee machine leaking water into the dip tray after using the espresso and steam features.

Your machine could also leak if the water tank is inaccurately locked.

How to fix it?

When your coffee machine leaks, it is not always easy to pinpoint the cause. Your first action should be to press down on the water tank until you’re sure it’s properly locked in place.

Once you’ve secured the water tank, check if there is still any leakage.

Not clearing the drip tray is a common mistake that causes water to leak from your machine. Please ensure you empty water for the drip tray regularly.

Problem #4: Is your coffee not hot enough?

Nothing feels as good as a cup of hot coffee right when you wake up. The thought of sipping coffee only to find out that it’s not hot enough feels exasperating.

If you’re facing this issue with your Breville Barista Touch, don’t worry, we are here to help you!

Forgetting to heat the cup or adjusting the water temperature are common causes of your machine producing cold coffee.

It is best to inspect the machine’s thermal fuse, thermostat, and control board to determine the possible causes. 

How to fix it?

Here’s how you can fix your issues associated with cold or lukewarm coffee.

First, try rinsing the coffee cup with hot water. It is best to use the warming tray to place the cup. It also helps to wash the portafilter with warm water as well.

Please ensure that it is thoroughly dried once the rinsing process is over. If this doesn’t work, it is time to review your machine’s settings.

Please check whether the brew temperature is set as per your requirement. 

You can also check whether the control board is in good shape. By disconnecting and restarting, you can tell whether your control board is intact based on its response. 

Your coffee maker’s thermostat is a great way to measure the heat flowing through your machine.

Please ensure that your thermostat doesn’t overheat the machine. The Breville espresso machine only takes up to 20 seconds to heat up.

Problem #5: Does your coffee taste burnt?

Coffee that tastes burnt can be rather disappointing. Your coffee will most likely taste burnt if you’ve excessively extracted the coffee beans.

Grinding the coffee beans slowly with boiling water will lead to such results.

Burnt coffee can also be a result of using coffee beans that were left out in the air. If you don’t properly store your coffee beans and secure them with a lid, it will degrade their quality.

How to fix it?

You can fix this problem by crushing your coffee beans a little. Once you’ve heated the water, you can grind the coffee beans.

Please ensure that you’ve correctly stored your coffee beans. Please place them in a container and close them securely with a lid. 

Using capsules instead of beans is a great way to make great-tasting, high-quality coffee. Adding salt is an excellent idea to soothe coffee that tastes harsh.

Problem #6: Is your Breville Barista Touch Frother not working?

Do you like your coffee smooth and frothy?

Well, if your Breville Barista’s frother is not working, we’ve got the solution for you! To make your coffee taste rich and creamy, continue reading.

How to fix it?

It is essential to remember that coarsely ground burnt coffee beans may not produce the frothy, creamy texture of coffee you desire. So, it is best to use fresh, partially ground coffee when you want to make a frothy coffee drink. 

Another reason you’re probably not seeing desired results is because of the water’s temperature. Please ensure that the water you use to brew coffee is not too hot or too cold. Using water that is at optimum temperature will result in a rich, frothy texture!

Issue #7: Is your coffee devoid of cream?

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, you know the effects of old or coarse ground coffee. There are high chances of the filter basket getting clogged, which is primarily an issue if you use just one filter basket. This may result in a cup of coffee that will leave you disappointed!

We don’t want you to go through such a disheartening experience. So, here’s how you can fix it!

How to fix it?

Get fresh coffee! Nothing matches the taste of freshly ground coffee. It is best to consume coffee within two weeks of grinding it.

You can also adjust the machine’s settings to get a finer grind.

If your coffee lacks cream, it is mainly because the filter basket is clogged. You can clear the basket with the help of the unblock tool, which has a pin on its end. 

If your coffee maker continues to act this way, you should clean the filter basket. You can do this by adding cleaning tablets to hot water.

Once the tablets dissolve, immerse the filter basket along with the portafilter in the solution. You can take it out of the solution after about 20 minutes.

The best way to avoid such situations I s to invest in a filter basket with a dual wall. Dual wall filter baskets do better at keeping clear and producing a creamy result! 

Using the Breville Barista Touch Safely: Tips!

It is always essential to understand how to use electrical appliances safely.

To help you have a safe experience with your coffee machine, we’ve enlisted some precautions to follow!

Choose the right place

Picking the right place to set up your Breville Barista Touch is crucial. Please keep it away from hot pans, heated ovens, electric or gas burners, etc.

Also, please ensure you’ve chosen a dry spot to keep the coffee machine. It is dangerous to risk your power cord or socket coming in contact with water.

Please do not leave it plugged after use

It is vital to remember not to leave your coffee machine once you’ve finished using it. It is more of a safety hazard if you have kids or pets in your household that could access it. 

Leave the brew chamber closed

Please keep your hands away from the brew chamber when you’re brewing coffee. There have been injuries associated with opening the brew chamber when the coffee maker is in use.

Inspect the power cord’s condition

It is best to always check the condition of your power cord before inserting it into the outlet.

If you plug in a power cord that isn’t in good shape, it increases the chances of fire threats and electric shocks.

So, please ensure not to use the coffee maker if you notice a damaged power cord.

Let it cool

After you’ve finished making coffee, it is essential to let the coffee maker cool down. Cleaning it right after is a safety hazard.

So, please turn it off after usage and give it time to rest. Once it has cooled down, you can go ahead and clean it.

Follow the instructions

Breville Barista Touch was designed to use indoors. So, keeping it away from all outdoor areas such as backyards, vehicles, rooftops, etc.

Using your coffee maker indoors also increases its durability. 

If you have children, please keep the coffee maker out of their reach. If the machine is still hot, kids could suffer injuries.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Breville barista’s lifetime?

The lifetime of the Breville Barista Touch is, of course, subjective. But it’s safe to say that it lasts for a minimum of 5 years and can live up to 10 years, as long as it is treated well!

Please remember that this coffee machine is designed to function indoors. Setting up the Breville coffee machine outside can significantly reduce its lifespan.

What to do if the filter is clogged in a Breville Barista Touch coffee machine?

First, remove the filter basket and use the pin of the unblocking tool to clear it out. If the filter basket requires more attention, fill the vessel with hot water and dissolve a cleaning tablet.

Next, immerse the filter basket along with the portafilter and let it soak. Please leave it in the cleaning solution for about 20 minutes before taking it out and letting it dry.

My Breville touch is not brewing. What do I do?

Please check the filter basket and make sure it is unclogged. If it is clogged, either uses a pin to unclog or soak it in a hot water cleaning solution. If your Breville is still not brewing, you can check whether the water tank has adequate water and if it’s properly locked in place.

Why isn’t my Breville coffee machine making strong coffee?

If the coffee from your Breville coffee machine isn’t strong enough, you’re mainly using cold water. The water used to brew coffee is generally between 195 to 205 degrees. You can reach this temperature 30 seconds after your water starts boiling.

How many times should I be descaling Breville Barista Touch? 

Manufacturers generally recommend descaling the Breville Barista every 2 to 3 months. 

How do you reset a Breville Barista Touch? 

Resetting the Breville Barista Touch is a simple process. It simply involves pushing the program button and holding it for a couple of seconds. Once you’ve heard three beeps, the coffee machine will restore its default setting. You can also opt for a factory reset through the machine’s settings.


We’ve reached the end of the post! Your Breville Barista could face some problems in its lifetime. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an easy fix!

Many issues you face with this coffee maker do not require professional help.

As we’ve seen above, most problems with the Breville Barista Touch are associated with its filter basket and water tank.

When you know what to do, fixing these technical issues on your own is a walk in the park.

After all, we deserve to have a hot, fresh, rich, and creamy cup of coffee to start our day! 

We hope our article helps you get your coffee maker back to making delicious coffee again! 

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