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9CR18MOV vs VG10 [Which One Should I Choose?]

Are you confused about which kitchen knife to buy? You want the best utensils you can get when cooking for your loved ones.

Some excellent kitchen knives are available on the market today; today, let’s talk about 9cr18mov vs. vg10!


9CR18MOV vs VG10

Both 9crmov18 and vg10 have their advantages. For instance, vg10 knives have superior steel properties; however, 9cr18mov has a better price point. All in all, both these knives are remarkable choices. Their sharp, curved edges and thick blades make them one of the best in the market.

To make a well-informed decision, there is more to consider before picking one. We have saved you the headache of research and put together a complete guide and comparison for 9cr18mov vs vg10. Continue reading to find out which one is the winner! 

9CR18MOV vs VG10 – Head-to-Head Battle

Before we dive into the main part of the post, let’s look at a quick comparison between 9cr18mov and vg10 kitchen knives. Our comparison table will familiarise you with these knives’ features:

Steel PropertiesHighVery High
Knife BladeCurvy and SharpThicker
Handling Easy Moderate
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

9CR18MOV vs VG10 – A Detailed Comparison


Now, it’s time to take a closer look! We have discussed essential aspects in detail for you to get a better idea. 

Read further to find out what they are!

Steel property

The steel property of a knife can determine its functionality. Your knife’s steel properties tell us about its rigidity, hardness, and sturdiness. When your knife has excellent steel properties, it can improve its efficiency while using it. Who doesn’t want to cut like a pro!

So, what are the steel properties of vg10 and 9cr18mov kitchen knives? 

Vg10 is made of high-quality steel that has a hardness of 60 HRC. It also offers fantastic edge-holding features. The vg10 is a favorite among many professional chefs. It contains 15.5 percent chromium which makes it highly resistant to rusting. While it is not rust-proof, it will take a lot to corrode this knife! 

Vg10 knives also contain large amounts of carbon. This makes the knife hard but also easy to sharpen when needed. The high-grade steel makes it rigid and rust-resistant and improves tenacity.

9cr18mov has similar steel properties as vg10. It is resistant to rust and is extremely sturdy and tough as well. It is rather hard, so it can sometimes be difficult to sharpen it. The 9cr18mov knife has less tenacity than the vg10.

In our opinion, vg10 kitchen knives have superior steel properties. The high chromium content makes them exceptionally resistant to corrosion.

Winner – VG10


Another essential aspect of choosing the perfect knife is also the price. We all want to invest in essential tools that are worth our money. So, which of these knives is a steal?

Kitchen knives are available in the market at a wide range of price points. A 9cr18mov kitchen knife is a budget-friendly option. The price range starts at $15 and can go up to $30. As you can see, even the most expensive model isn’t too pricey. Moreover, there are no extra charges for maintenance either.

On the other hand, vg10 knives have a steeper price point. The starting price of these knives is $50 and can go as high as $100 or more. This is a reasonable price point for those who can make good use of it. Considering its durability and high-grade steel, it is not an outrageous amount to pay.

So, regarding the price tag, 9cr18mov kitchen knives will be easy on your wallet. If you think you can get the best out of vg10 knives, they are worth it too!

Winner – 9CR18MOV

Size of Blade

Different knives come with different blades. The type of blade your knife uses plays a big role in its efficiency. It is essential to know whether you want 8-inch or 9-inch knives.

First, let’s talk about 9cr18mov. This kitchen knife is like a shorter version of a Japanese knife. It is not like using your regular chef knives. It has a very sharp curved blade; you can put it to use in many ways! It allows you to cut food to chop, slice or dice swiftly.

You can use the 9cr18mov kitchen knife to slice smaller foods, such as vegetables accurately. This knife is excellent for peeling shrimp as well. A knife blade that is about 5 inches long will work perfectly. Surprisingly, it is great for cutting small foods and an excellent choice for cutting meat.

Are you familiar with the differences between kitchen knives and bread lame? Similarly, the size of the blade makes all the difference as well.

Vg10 has bigger and thicker blades. The vg10’s blades measure about 13 inches in length. You can also opt for the 6 to 8-inch variations, but the blades will still be thicker.

We say that the 9cr18mov takes the cake for this one! Its curvy, sharp blade can help you cut small foods such as vegetables, peel shrimp, and cut meat. Its versatility is unmatched. If you know how to utilize a 9crm18mov knife, you will be a whiz in the kitchen!

Winner – 9CR18MOV

Which One to Choose?

By now, we hope you have your answer to 9cr18mov vs. vg10: Which knife is better?

It is natural to be still confused about which knife to pick; after all, everyone wants essential kitchen tools that suit them best! If you’re still contemplating, don’t worry. We are here to give you a final nudge.

Regarding the blades, 9cr18mov kitchen knives may have the edge over the vg10 knives. On the other hand, vg10 offers better steel properties. You can prioritize your needs and see what works best for you.

If you’re on a budget, we’d suggest going with the 9cr18mov kitchen knives. They are more affordable than the vg10 knives. So, if you don’t want the price of your knife to be hard on your pockets. 9cr18mov is the way to go! 

Here’s a quick summary of both knives to help you make a final, well-informed decision:

ProductFeaturesWhere To Get
9cr18mov.Better blade, budget-friendly Grab Now
VG10High-quality steel, durable, expensiveGrab Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Does vg10 feel hard?

Yes, it does. The vg10 is a hard knife. You will undoubtedly notice this while using one. The vg10 kitchen knife is also robust and sturdy because of its aluminum content. It also contains Molybdenum that enhances the strength of the knife.

Is 9cr18mov a hard knife?

The 9cr18mov is a hard knife. It also uses enough aluminum to make it tough and rigid. The carbon content in the knife contributes to its strength as well. The 9cr18mov knife has a hardness of 60 HRC and excellent retention. So, if you’re looking for a hard, rigid knife, 9cr18mov is an excellent choice! 

What kind of steel is a vg10 knife made of?

The vg10 kitchen knives use high-quality steel of cutlery grade. Vg10 is produced by Japanese manufacturers whose main selling point is their high-quality steel. They also have a high carbon content. All these properties make this knife highly resistant to corrosion and exceptionally durable.

Final Words

Now, to the end of the post! We hope you’ve made your choice after reading our article, 9cr18mov vs. vg10: which one is better? It is natural to want the best kitchen tools for your household, especially when it is something as essential as a kitchen knife. 

Maintenance of the knives helps keep them in their best shape. Please avoid storing your knife wet as it causes stains and risks corrosion.You can also occasionally wash your knives with warm water and lemon to keep them fresh!

Thank you for reading. Have a great day!

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