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Are Boos Blocks Worth It? [7 Facts You Should Know!]

Did you happen to come across a remarkable-looking chopping board? If it looked so gorgeous that it caught your eye, chances are it is the Boos Block Chopping Board.

We all like to invest in things we know are worth our money. Considering buying this chopping board, you must wonder if it’s a good deal. Well, we are here to clarify these doubts for you.


Are Boos Block chopping boards worth it?

Boos Blocks are an excellent investment for professional use. If you’re a household chef that enjoys cooking frequently, it is a great investment for you too! Their extensive and thick design makes them highly durable and long-lasting. Boos Block chopping boards are one of the best-looking ones on the market. For what they offer, they are worth every penny too!

There is more to know before deciding whether Boos Blocks suits your purpose. This post has discussed 7 aspects of Boos Blocks you must know!

Boos Block Specifications: 7 Aspects to Know About!

There is more than one aspect to consider while deciding whether these chopping boards are worth it. Using the right chopping board makes a considerable difference to your cooking process. It is similar to using the best pickles for pulled pork for pulled pork-based dishes.

Now, let’s dive right into it!

1. Size of the chopping board


First, you need to pick what size chopping board suits you best. Boos Blocks come in various sizes and shapes. 

If you want a chopping board that can cut larger foods, for example, whole cabbage, you can pick a bigger size. A large chopping board can cut a whole cabbage and have space to cut other things. So yeah, it’s huge!

The thickness of the chopping board allows you to cut various foods. And we don’t mean cutting an onion or smaller vegetables. You can use Boos Block chopping board to cut meats such as turkey!

Not everyone makes use of a large cutting board. If you don’t have enough storage around your kitchen, you might want to stick to a smaller board. 

Do you want to see what options are available? Check out our top recommendation for Boos Block chopping board models:

Chopping BoardDimensionPrice
John Boos Block R02 Cutting Board24 x 18 x 1.5 inchesOrder Now!
John Boos Block R03 Cutting Board20 x 15 x 1.5 inchesOrder Now!
John Boos Block Chop-N-Slice Cutting Board16 x 10 x 1 inchOrder Now!

2. Durability

Durability is a significant selling point for Boos Block chopping boards. They are exceptionally durable. If used properly, you may pass this cutting board on for generations!

Boos Blocks hasn’t compromised a single bit to give you the most durable option. You can use it for many years as long as you care for it. Please ensure that you properly scrub the board after each usage. 

It would be best if you also kept in mind never to leave your chopping board submerged in water. You can also re-season it once a couple of months to ensure it stays as good as new! 

3. Material of the board

The material of your chopping board is an essential aspect to consider while purchasing. So, what are Boos Blocks made of?

Boos Blocks are made from maple wood. Maple wood is an excellent choice to handle food as it is a closed-grain hardwood. It is also robust and can withstand a variety of chopping activities.

Some other variations of these chopping boards are available in walnut wood too. So, if maple wood is not your first choice, you can check out other options, such as Boos Block WAL- RO2 walnut board.


4. Design

It is safe to say that Boos Block chopping boards are among the most appealing. They are highly functional as cutting boards and add a lovely aesthetic to your kitchen.

The Boos Blocks have an excellent design, making them one of the best in the market. Boos Block has an edge grain exterior, meaning the wood rails are in a constant parallel pattern. Generally, you’ll find the rails standing in the end horizontally.

And, of course, the distinctive Boos logo on one side of the board stands out! 

Some of the Boos Blocks also come with a groove. Not everyone likes having a grove in their cutting boards, but it can be helpful. The groove drains out all the juice from the board, making cutting foods easier. 

Check out some of our top Boos Blocks picks! 

John Boos Block RAFR2418 Cutting BoardLargeBuy From Amazon
John Boos Block MPL2015125-FH-GRV Reversible Cutting BoardMediumBuy From Amazon
John Boos Block PM18180225-P Cutting BoardSmallBuy From Amazon

5. Maintenance

Anything lasts you longer if you maintain it properly. Similarly, Boos Blocks require to be maintained from time to time. Boos Block chopping boards are highly durable and are made of high-quality wood. While there is no argument about its quality, you’ll need to look after it.

Are you wondering how to do so? Don’t worry; we’ll tell you how. 

First, you have to season the board. Boos Blocks come with a Boos Block mystery that will help you for this purpose. Boos block chopping boards come with two bottles of mystery oil. After you’ve seasoned it the first time, it is essential to re-season it occasionally. 

So, having some extra bottles of this oil comes in handy. If you’re looking for some, check out oil for boos butcher block on Amazon. There is also a John Boos Block Maintenance Set that you could try. This maintenance set includes mystery oil bottles and board cream. It’s like skincare for your chopping board!

There is also a John Boos Block Applicator that you can use to apply the oil and cream. Please ensure that you’ve followed all the instructions accurately.

6. Price

Boos Block is worth your money if you see yourself using it entirely. If you’re a seasoned chef who frequently enjoys cooking, you can consider investing in pricier kitchen tools. 

However, if you’re not one of the above and are looking for a regular chopping board, you may find Boos Blocks quite expensive. The price range of Boos Blocks can start at $43 and reach up to $240. This price range only makes sense for those who think they can get the best out of it.

If you didn’t know the price, this price range must have staggered you. Are you wondering why Boos Blocks are so expensive?

Boos Block chopping boards are sturdier and more durable than others on the market. If you take care of it correctly, it can last you several years. It is also made from high-quality wood that keeps your food safe.

7. Competition

Source: 10 Unbeatable

As you can see, there are various factors to consider before picking the chopping board of your choice. Everyone needs a guide to choosing chopping boards and determining which suits them best.

If you’ve done your research, you’ll find Boos Blocks taking the cake in most aspects. Let it be for their size options, durability, material, and appeal: Boos Block is a winner! 

Other chopping boards, such as Sonder Los Angeles, offer similar sizes too. But they come at a higher price point compared to Boos Blocks. 

So, we have enough evidence that shows that Boos Block chopping boards are worth every penny. They are a little pricey but offer a wide range of features for the price they come at.

Our Verdict on Whether Boos Blocks are Worth the Money

Based on our detailed analysis, we say yes, Boos Blocks are worth it! Of course, there is more you need to consider before investing in it.

As we discussed, there is more than one aspect to consider before purchasing a Boos Block.

Boos Block is worth the investment for seasoned chefs or those who require it for professional use. You’re going to love everything this cutting board has to offer. So, for you, we say go for it! 

Now, coming to those who don’t cook often or whip up some simple dishes every day that don’t require a chopping board, Boos Block chopping boards are significantly more expensive than regular chopping boards. You are probably just looking for a standard cutting board that gets the job done. 

If you cannot use it best, investing in Boos Block is a waste. These chopping boards have a lot to offer, so only invest in one if you can exploit all its benefits! 

Making a well-informed decision is essential before putting your money towards something. Once you’ve figured out your needs, we are sure you’ll make a suitable choice!  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I choose a Boos Block chopping board size?

Ideally, most home cooks use a chopping board that is 12 by 18 inches in size. This is primarily the standard size of cutting boards for household purposes. 

If you think a bigger chopping board serves your purpose better, you can go for 15 by 20-inch boards. There are bigger sizes, like 24 by 36-inch chopping boards. You can opt for larger cutting boards if you want a larger surface to cut foods such as meat.

Can I use my Boos Block to chop fresh meat?

Yes, you can! Boos Block chopping boards are great for chopping meat. While it can cut meat, we suggest using more than one board. Using the same cutting board is not wise due to hygiene reasons. 

All in all, Boos Blocks are an excellent choice for cutting meat. Its maple wood surface and robust finish make it suitable for cutting bones. 

Does Boos Block mystery oil expire?

Yes, Boos Block mystery oil comes with an expiry date. Once the oils come close to expiry, they start oxidizing and produce a rancid smell. So, please remember not to use non-food-grade mineral oil in your kitchen. Please ensure that even if you use these oils, it is well before the expiry date.


We’ve finally reached the end of the post! We hope you’ve found your answer if you were contemplating whether to buy Boos Block. 

Boos Blocks are an excellent investment for those who will use them fully. It might be a pricier option for those who don’t cook a lot. All in all, it is one of the best chopping boards available on the market. It is incredibly durable and good-looking.

Thank you for staying till the end. Stay tuned for our next post!

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