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Can I Wrap Brisket Using Kraft Paper? [Explained]

Are you planning a barbeque in your backyard?

As a griller, you may have wondered whether wrapping your brisket in kraft paper is a good idea.

If you have some kraft paper lying around and still wish to know, you’ve come to the right place!


Can I wrap my brisket with kraft paper?

Yes, it is safe to wrap briskets with kraft paper. Kraft paper has excellent tolerance for exceptionally high temperatures. So, it is suitable for the grill. For extra precaution, we advise you to look for kraft paper labeled “food-grade.”

Wrapping may sound easy but wrapping a brisket in kraft paper is not a simple task. Therefore, it is essential to understand how to wrap it properly.

Kraft paper is made up of wood fiber. This implies kraft paper is suitable for wrapping as butcher paper, too, is made of wood fiber.

As we mentioned, kraft paper is safe to wrap briskets in, as long as it is accurately done. Here’s where we step in!

Continue reading our post to learn more about wrapping brisket in kraft paper.

Wrapping Brisket with Kraft Paper – Benefits!

The paper-manufacturing industry creates products that utilize a variety of woods. Not all materials can be used to produce high-quality paper.

The leftover pulp that is left behind is what we use to make ‘kraft paper.’

You might be contemplating whether wrapping your brisket with kraft paper is okay. Interestingly, wrapping with kraft paper is not only safe but offers its share of benefits.

Let’s look at how kraft paper could be advantageous in your brisket-wrapping process!

Quicker Cooking

Wrapping your brisket will reduce the cooking time. Since the paper will retain moisture and heat within the wrapping, it is excellent to smoke meat. It’s kind of like creating a tiny, little oven!

However, please remember that the moisture you retain by wrapping can also make the bark weak.

So, while wrapping is excellent for your brisket, allowing your meat sometime before wrapping is essential too. This way, you can make sure there is some bark.

Reducing Smokiness

Most of us like our meat to have a smoky taste and texture, right? However, there is a limit to smokiness that one can enjoy as well!

Wrapping is an excellent idea to prevent your meat from having an overpowering smoky flavor. 

Retaining Moisture

Smoking brisket can sometimes be a complicated task. It is crucial to patiently smoke the meat until the fat and collagen are adequately cooked. 

However, this may also occasionally result in your meat turning dry due to long cooking hours. So, please wrap your brisket to ensure it remains moist and flavorful! 

Step-By-Step Guide to Wrapping Brisket with Kraft Paper!

Wrapping your brisket in kraft paper is safe. However, it is essential to understand the right way of executing it.

Don’t worry; it’s not too complicated. To make it easier on you, we have put together a stepwise guide to follow. So, what are you waiting for? Get wrapping!

#1 Pick the right time

In wrapping, choosing the correct time to wrap is a vital step. This way, you can ensure the quality of your meat’s texture.

Typically, you can wrap the meat after you notice dark bark forming. A simpler way to know when to wrap is when the stall starts.

You can brine your brisket to bring more rich flavors to the meat. If you end up brining your meat for over 24 hours, chances are it will turn a greyish color.

Usually, people like wrapping their meat once they’ve measured an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Many others simply start wrapping once the bark has reached a satisfactory shade or appearance.

#2 Use the required amount of kraft paper 

Something that most people neglect is how much kraft paper to use. Wrapping a brisket generally takes two kraft papers.

Here’s a general rule that will help you remember: You know you’ve used the correct amount of kraft paper if it’s four times the size of your brisket.

#3 The art of positioning the brisket!

Next is knowing how to place your brisket. Stack the kraft papers in an overlapping manner and keep the plat cap up on the sheet.

Please ensure that the flat part of your brisket faces down while cooking. This helps the meat in retaining moisture. 

#4 Time to start wrapping!

Now, to the main part; wrapping the brisket! It is essential to fold the brisket and tightly wrap it with kraft paper.

This way, you can prevent any air that tries to enter through the paper. A loose wrap may result in more steam finding its way through the paper.

Please ensure the fat cap is up by folding your brisket twice. Don’t forget to tuck all the paper in!

#5 Keeping track of temperature:

Keeping track of the temperature is crucial to ensure your meat is cooking correctly. The good idea is to insert a thermometer into the brisket through the paper flatly.

Probe thermometers are an excellent way to ensure your brisket is cooking through and through.

What You Need to Know About Wrapping Brisket! 

Some extra help to wrap your brisket is always welcome, right? Well, we are going to share some of our wrapping tips!

Patience is vital. There are two ways waiting can help: Firstly, giving your meat a couple of extra hours before cooking will allow the smokey flavor to seep in. 

And who doesn’t want their brisket to look like it could make a grown man drool! Allowing your meat extra hours will also give it an irresistible outer texture.

Secondly, please wait for some time before wrapping the meat. Prematurely wrapping your brisket can result in your meat sogging.

So, to retain its original texture, it is best to wait for some time before wrapping your brisket. 

kraft or butcher paper vs foil – Which is better? 

We always advise you to wrap with food-grade kraft paper or butcher paper. The reason is simple.

Paper will give some space for the escape of extra heat and moisture. However, foil isn’t made of a material that could allow this type of escape.

Our last piece of advice will be to pay attention to the time and temperature for cooking the meat.

We don’t want our meat looking like charcoal, do we? Additionally, applying salt to your brisket before smoking will make a noticeable difference.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

Are kraft paper and cardboard the same?

No, kraft paper and cardboard are different! We can see why you’d be confused, though. Kraft paper is made from chemical substances that are used to make paper or cardboard as well. When kraft pulp is processed entirely, it produces a durable paper of superior quality. This paper is also prone to turning yellow. 

Can butcher paper be replaced with kraft paper?

Yes, butcher paper can be replaced by kraft paper. We know that butcher paper and kraft paper are used for specific activities. However, these papers are made from the same raw material: wood fiber. So, they can be interchangeable sometimes.

Kraft paper for heat press: Is it a good idea?

Yes, using kraft paper for a heat press can be a good idea. Kraft paper prevents ink from penetrating during heat transfer. So, the top and bottom parts of your heat press are safe. This way, you can protect the heat press and prolong its life span.

Final Words

Now, to the end of the post!

We hope our article helped you answer your question, “can I wrap the brisket in kraft paper?”. As discussed above, kraft paper is safe to wrap your brisket with. 

Please let us know how our step-by-step guide to using kraft paper worked out for you!

Again, if you still have doubts about wrapping with kraft paper, look for the ones labeled “food-grade.”

This will make you feel more comfortable using kraft paper for your food.

Happy Grilling!

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